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Beethoven, Music Composer


Music is higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy

Yanni, Keyboard and pianist


Instrumental music - the beauty of it is it's a great language. It bypasses logic. It produces emotions inside you


A Real Success

ABS School of music is an entirely music focused institution bringing the musical abilities within one self. Our students have performed in many places and have bought fame to the music school. We have trained more than 400+ students and many of them have established roots in their musical career. Join the leading music class to experience the joy of learning music

Guitar Playing

Dream. Challenge. Succeed.

Music Classes

Learn Keyboard

Keys to composition

Learn Vocal

Fun and Challenging

Learn Guitar

An Exceptional Learning Experience

Practicing Violin

Glide the music into your life

Learn music production

Feel and mix the song with rhythym

Learn piano

Western Classical instrument - King of all Instruments

Rock Drummer

Learn music from roots and rhythm of heart

Learn music theory

Learn music from Notating and scoring western Music


Visitors are always welcome to our school. If there’s anything you’d like to know about our programs and curriculum, please get in touch.

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On Stage

An Exceptional Learning Experience

Indian Classical Dance

Western Classical instrument

Biology Drawing Class

Bring your colors into life

Drawing Time

Rekindle the creative artist in you

Dream. Challenge. Succeed.


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